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Product category: Scissors

Magnetic Supports for Hairdresser's Scissors

Minimalist New York design with an Eastern essence and Modern functionality blended with Italian style.
Developed from the need to protect the hairstylist's precious sheers.
MACS combines fair play and the need to have them “ready at hand”. Available in several models, materials and colours, to satisfy the mind, soul and senses of those who want to store the instruments of their craft carefully.

The most comfortable and practical magnetic pad ever, with a small rod that can be affixed to a wall so that it turns into a support surface that can be inclined and removed. The central groove facilitates a comfortable grip.

All parts have been developed and produced in Italy. MACS is carefully sewn by master artisans from the Veneto region of Italy with high quality Italian leather.
The internal magnetic system holds sheers firmly in place.

All MACS are unique and unlike any other because they are hand-made and certified with their own identification number.
(Scissors not included)

The most versatile of magnetic pads: it's light weight and slim design means it can be attached to a wall or placed on a work table. It is extremely useful when transferring sheers and other objects from one place to another.

It provides a firm support for the instruments of your art.
Versatile in its various uses: to keep objects from your pocket, to keep your desk in order or any other type of metal object that you want at hand.
The double side seam doubles the resistance, and the colors, the tining, the chrome metal logo all make it a stylish furnishing complement.

The refined looking case protects and stores the sheers during transport . Hypoallergenic and stainless steel metal zipper means it can be opened up into a display case.

Ideal for 4 sheers, and it can contain up to 6 sheers, A leather cloth separates the two series and protects them from friction.
All metallic objects are perfectly protected and stored away. The high quality wrap-around zipper glides easily in the hand. MACS is made to last.

Perfect for two sheers: its reduced size combines manageability and usefulness. The sheers are stored away and ready to use in a minute. Ideal for travelling.
A small pouch for your most important sheers, like the ones that are used on a runway when for hair shows, or even for a photograph shoot, when every detail must be perfect. The little MACS case becomes a faithful companion.

The sheath for sheers that never existed before is finally here.
All hairstylists know how comfortable and rewarding it is to be able to carry
their precious sheers around with them.
The Shi-bag is a must-have because they are on hand in an instant and you can store them away just as easily.
The Shi-bag can be personalized with a waist belt , shoulder strap, in
leather or with a chain.

For those who always want their their personal sheers with them, or for those who find it more convenient to have them on hand.
Shi-bag is the most suitable sheath.
Perfectly refined and with no danger of dropping your sheers.

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Product category: Scissors

Mazusaki Scissors

"Design of traditional three metallic rings of Matsuzaki.
In Matsuzaki family, three metallic rings are considered to mean “manufacturer / hairstylist / customer”
based on scissors manufactured with Samurai spirit.
The three rings represent “harmony”---Human being live in harmony side by side. Therefore, we, Matsuzaki believe we have to pay respect to all, to be modest, to cultivate spirit and make our scissors strong and elegant."

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