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Vegetalement Provence will be joining Dusseldorf ’s Top Hair International from March 27th to
29th, 2015. The leading brand for French vegetal cosmetics for all beauty professionals will share its
knowledge of concept and high-added value products distribution, all around «health and beauty» in a
communication and professional atmosphere.

Vegetalement Provence is the French leader in vegetal cosmetics for beauty professionals...
For all beauty professionals: stylist, colorist, make-up artist, beauty therapist, well-being or even
better-being professional...
Vegetalement Provence is the French reference for alternative cosmetics, combining health and
beauty. It is the mastered art of the very vegetal and the very technical, beyond hair, beyond
skin, to meet the highest requirements and bring back sense to daily beauty rituals.
The unique efficiency of its very innovative creations has «buzzed» all around the world to
become today a must for numerous personalities, such as demanding professionals from
Hollywood to Tokyo and Paris.
One of the strong points for Vegetalement Provence is to be born from concerned beauty
professionals, as most of them are sensitized to noxious ingredients from traditional cosmetic
Vegetalement Provence has taken all the benefits from vegetal and essential oils from its
Mediterranean soil to create a revolutionary cosmetic line for beauty professionals on one
side, but also for general public on the other side, their clients’ clients.

Vegetalement Provence includes all beauty sectors (shampoo, conditioner, coloration, makeup...)
and develops a concept-store as innovating and promising as each and every component
of the product catalogue. Moreover, the company has won the first prize for French innovation
in professional hair-styling and the first prize for French innovation in professional beauty care,
both in a row.
Vegetalement Provence has just been acknowledged by the highly respected network of the
French Commerce Chambers as an example to follow for all French entrepreneurs to get out
of the economic crisis from the way up: innovation... And insisting on its innovation for niche
market, the innovation of its creations as well as the innovation in its corporate governance,
based on common sense.
Because a company is, for sure, happy clients, but for Vegetalement Provence, it is first and
foremost happy women and men within its walls.
Germany has a strategic position as it is the world leader on biological, natural and vegetal
cosmetics market. It was thus obvious for Vegetalement Provence to take advantage of the
reputation of Dusseldorf Top Hair International to present its 100% vegetal products and its
made-in-France knowledge.

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