Yanni Company, Ltd. (Vern Hairdressing Style College)

Vern Scissors was a shock at Salon Int’l in London. The next stop will be in TOP HAIR INTERNATIONAL DUSSELDORF

Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors Deluxe Line-Mode 6 caught all professional hairdressers’ eyes when it was launched at Salon Int’l in London. Everyone oohed and aahed as Vern International Master, Emma gave a demonstration of how it works.

The hairdressers said, iPhone is being progressed continually, it’s been 6th generation up to now. So is Vern Intelligent Combined Scissors. Those who have used Vern Scissors for more than ten years from UK, France, Italy, Greece, etc. said hairdressing is getting into smart times because of Vern International Master Team’s research and development. Vern always make continual progress and surprise everyone with every new product. The customers love us more because of Vern Scissors.


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