TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf firmly established as a leading fair

“The unanimous enthusiasm of the exhibitors and the high visitor numbers show that TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf has become a firmly established player which no one can afford to miss in the hairdressing world. Any company that values itself is here in Düsseldorf”, said a delighted Director Helmut Winkler. “With 29,100 visitors we were once again able to register a slight growth in visitor figures whereby the restructured workshops enjoyed particular popularity. The concept has its finger on the hairdressers’ pulse and meets their needs”, Winkler went on to say.

Rolf Wilms, Managing Director TOP HAIR International GmbH and publisher of the magazine of the same name, shared this positive conclusion: “When we organised the first TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days in 2005, we had the vision and objective to make this event the most informative, the most useful and the best trade fair. We are well on the way to achieving this goal. This year is exceeding all our expectations.” With its concept and contents TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf has already played a leading role in Europe. It was still the organizers’ aim to make the event the leading international trade fair in the international hairdressing trade, Wilms explained.

Once again TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf impressed through a spectacular show programme. The highlight was the traditional Saturday evening, which this year under the motto “Hair meets Rock” along with the show featuring the British hairdressing stars Sally Brooks and Mark Woolley for Five Point Alliance, presented a live concert by Kim Wilde. “By slightly reducing the show elements on the big show stage on the first day coupled with the simultaneous increase in entertainment components with Kim Wilde, we took exact account of the needs of the target group. Sally Brooks and Mark Woolley were outstandingly well received by the trade side and Kim Wilde was a splendid experience for everyone”, Rolf Wilms said.

In addition to the British stars, the shows presented international star coiffeurs from Germany, Austria, Slovenia and the Czech Republic: the visitors saw the presentations by Schwarzkopf Essential Looks, Wolfgang Zimmer for L’Oréal Professionnel, icono Academy Berlin for Goldwell, Francek for Revlon Professional, Mario Krankl for the Goldwell Color Zoom Team, Petra Měchurovà, Stevo and the P & G Salon Professionals from Sassoon Professional, Trio Hair, ICD, Bundy Bundy and BrockmannundKnoedler.

On the restructured workshop stages a total of 100 practical-application presentations were held on the three core themes Cut, Colour and Styling. Here too international teams were on display including among others Kelly Cardenas from Las Vegas for Paul Mitchell, Paul Gehring from Barcelona for Alcina, Bundy Bundy from Vienna for P&G salon professional and JeanLuc Paris for Goldwell. In addition, Keller the school, J.7 school and Marlies Möller for L’Oréal Professionnel, Toni&Guy and Trio Hair for Wella Professionals, Sassoon, Tom|Co., the Davines Artistic Team, Sebastian Lynen for Sexyhair, Markus Strauß, D. Machts Group around Dennis Machts, Kertu, mod’s hair and many more enthused the visitors.

In the consistently fully booked Congress top speakers such as Regina Först and Wolf Davids made the audience more familiar with entrepreneurial themes such as marketing, salon management or personality development, while the Monday under the motto “Career and training” in the workshops and the join-in cutting factory focused on interactive facilities especially for salon staff. At the fair 400 exhibitors and brands presented a comprehensive market overview of hairdresser’s exclusive products, furnishings, fittings, occupational articles and services.

Such a broad range is unique within the industry and is correspondingly rewarded by the visitors: according to a visitor survey, 93 percent gave the event top marks, while 80 percent stated that they had seen the latest trends and obtained inspiration for the new season at TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf. The exhibitors were also extremely satisfied: they praised the high quota of salon owners and decision-makers among the visitors and were looking forward to intensive and productive discussions. The setting and professional atmosphere also met with a great response. In this connection special mention was given to the clear separation of the direct sales and order areas.

The next TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf will be held from Saturday to Monday, 10 to 12 March 2012.

Exhibitor statements on TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf 2011:

Eduard R. Dörrenberg, Managing Partner, Alcina
The fair has so far been outstanding for us. Good contacts, many discussions, crowds of people, to our amazement especially on Saturday. Our overall assessment is positive. We had many new customers here on the stand who are now waiting for us to visit them. TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days is primarily a German trade fair but we also attract international guests: We had Dutch people there, but also visitors from Switzerland and Austria. For 1-2 years TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days has quite clearly been the market-leading trade fair in the hair dressing sector. The visitors make up a colorful mix, the quality of which however is as good as can be.

Jörg Müller, Press Spokesman, Goldwell and KMS California
The trade fair concept at TOP HAIR Trend Fashion Days also fully confirmed itself again in 2011. We are satisfied and our customers are impressed. In particular the clear separation between the stands and show area but also the workshop stages on which, if you like, shows are also held, impress and enthuse our customers. We attract very high visitor numbers, the decision in favour of Düsseldorf was correct and we will no doubt also continue this policy in future. The response to the show was also very good. When you see the people standing tightly crowded together, following the show and also watching the technical elements with fascination, then we see that the stage situation was, after all, also the best possible.

Hendrik Rumpfkeil, Managing Director, Gieseke Cosmetic International
I felt that considerably more customers were here on Saturday and Sunday. The quality of the customers has also changed extremely positively. My expectations for post-fair business are extremely positive. We held many interesting discussions. Actually we had almost too many international visitors here. We are in actual fact only geared to the German market. TOP HAIR International has an important significance for our companies. New products, innovations and new features are one of the aspects why a hairdresser visits this fair. And for that reason they are also very open and very interested.

Susanne Günnigmann, Marketing Glynt
The fair is once again a really fantastic and high-quality event. The visitor figures completely lived up to our expectations. Up to now we have been very satisfied with what we have seen. TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days is a very important place for us to meet our customers. It is important to show ourselves and maintain contacts. TOP HAIR is one of the very high-quality fairs where the sector-interested visitors are also at the event itself. For us the fair is already a walking advertisement and sector get-together which you simply have to attend. The visitors are just as inhomogeneous as the sector itself. It is really fantastic that you meet everybody here and that really everybody gets ready to be here in in Düsseldorf.

Wilfried Lindloff, Management Board, Hair Haus
For us the fair participation was very positive. The infrastructure of the fair has continued to improve, we think that is very good. In relation to the previous year it has become more up market and discerning. The concept of advice, demonstration and sales is proving to be an absolute hit. TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days is “the place to be”. You simply have to be in Düsseldorf. That speaks especially for the organizers. Compared to other fairs, we have to say that the infrastructure is simply better and more pleasant. Although we had a tremendous amount to do, there was no pushing or shoving here. For Hair Haus TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days brings us exactly the visitors we wish to reach. We need a good mix of bosses and employees, if possible senior management staff.

Christopher Felix Weiser, Managing Partner, La Biosthétique
Top Hair is the largest fair in our sector, it is important that we are present there in order to present ourselves, the response to the La Biosthétique concept is good. The fair is continuing to place its faith in high quality. Many interesting workshops are presented on various themes. That is very interesting and in my opinion important for the further development. Hairdressers need input in order to enthuse their customers on an everyday basis in the long term, and you have to get such input at a trade fair like this. The fair always means two things for us: confirming regular customers and being available for new, interested parties. I see the mood in the sector very positively, the quality of the hairdresser is increasingly being recognized by the customer. The entire sector is on a positive path. After the fair we expect a positive customer feedback and are hoping for further new customer business.

Christophe Schmutz, Managing Director, L’Oréal Professionnel Deutschland
As before, we are convinced of the TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days concept. Right from the start we have been behind the fair and I find that it is by far the only national fair in Germany. It is the highest quality fair, but in particular is also the fair which moves the sector the furthest forward. Here it is not about promoting our own image but offering the visitor, the hairdresser, a value added. Be it on the stand where they see new products and can enter into a dialogue, be it in the workshops, where they get specialist input which they can implement tomorrow, or on the show stage where they get inspiration. The concept is good. I find that the sales area, where we are also involved this year, is also very high quality, especially when I compare it to other fairs. The quality of the visitors is very good here, we meet a great many decision-making partners. Irrespective of the positioning of the salons, the best hairdressers in Germany are here.

Danilo Maletti, President, Maletti
The fair has attracted many people. Two years ago a lot fewer were here due to the crisis. As a result, we are once again experiencing an upward trend and increasing interest. People are again prepared to buy something. We want to open up the market in Germany on a number of fronts, to this end the fair was already the first step, after the fair we will open a showroom in Germany. TOP HAIR should help us to address not only hairdressers but also the wholesalers.

Dr. Rüdiger Gottschalk, General Manager, P & G Salon Professional
We are very satisfied with the fair. We have received extremely positive feedback from our customers: the customers, hairdressers and friends very much liked the way we presented our complete brand world, the innovations and our hairdressing service. Our motto “Hairdressers at heart/At heart a hairdresser” was also well received. At the show yesterday evening the hall was full, we were delighted about this and there were positive reactions there too. What is also good is that we were able to measure ourselves here against the competitors. They are all here and that gives the hairdressers the opportunity to compare things. We are convinced of ourselves, that is why we will stand up to the comparison. The fair concept itself with the separation between sales and advice stands is working, that is a really good concept and the separation of the show stage from the stands is also a top quality move and was well implemented. We were able to clearly see this also on the basis of who was there. We can therefore give this fair a positive assessment all round.

Thomas Krüger, Managing Director, Revlon Professional
The fair was exciting, highly interesting, well visited. I am very satisfied with the result. This is a fair where you meet people and make long-term contacts. There will not suddenly be a sales boom next week, but in the medium and long term it will have an effect. TOP HAIR International plays an important role for us. It is one of the most image-powerful trade fairs of all and that is why we are here. The visitors reflected the entire spectrum, the level among exhibitors and visitors is clearly high quality.

Bernhard Koopsingraven, Executive Director, Schwarzkopf Professional Deutschland
TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days already exceeded our expectations last year and that applies to this year even more so. What is particularly terrific for us is the quality of the spectators. We have fantastic visitors here, the decision-makers from the sector and for that reason we will also continue to count on our stand here. Now, no doubt, we can choose between many fairs and events, but for us TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days is right at the top of the agenda, for us it is the most important sector get-together of the whole year. The response to our Essential Looks was also extremely good, we are considering showing it twice next year.

Peter Watzka, Board of Management, Teamwork Salondesign
The fair presence was very good with very discerning visitors. I am of the opinion that many decision-makers are here at the event. Up to two years ago, I was still wondering how you can already open such a fair on Saturdays, today I say: fantastic, simply brilliant! The mood in the sector is once again very good. Through the fair we have received very many enquiries and are hoping that this will generate very good post-fair business for us. In 2011 we are increasingly registering visitors from Austria, Italy and Switzerland. This surprises us but we definitely see this as very positive. TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf is the most important fair for us. Our visitors are exactly the decision-makers we expect.

Elke Rahmann, Marketing Manager, Tondeo
The fair is going very well, we are very satisfied. For us Top Hair is the most important fair of all. It is very professionally staged and organized, and we are very satisfied with the hall layout: the whole set-up conveys a very exquisite and high quality impression, especially when you are in the hall where the wholesale trade is located. The visitors are on average salon owners, that is exactly our target group. I have the impression that the customers present are of a very high level. TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf is not a general fair, you can see that the hairdressers have really set out to impress to be part of this.

Noah Wild, Executive Board, WILD Beauty AG
We are very satisfied to be back here again in Düsseldorf in 2011. We have an even larger stand than before, are well positioned and in particular we have the opportunity to also be involved a great deal on the workshop stages – this year with 13 guests from the USA. The crowd we have drawn is phenomenal and for us, as a result, also a giant success. The most important thing here for us at the fair is that the visitors are decision-makers: we have the owners here, we have the senior staff from the salons here, in other words exactly those people whom we would like to present new concepts and business strategies. For us TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days Düsseldorf is always one of the first dates which we enquire about, because we are already trying to gear our planning for the year and our new products and innovations to the event. That is one of the highlights of our year.

Statements given by the hairdressers on TOP HAIR International Trend & Fashion Days 2011:

Kelly Cardenas:
I really have to come back next year! I can‘t say how impressed I am with the whole event. The cleanliness, the whole organization, that you have shopping on one side and then the shows and big companies on this side. I think this is so incredible. I have never seen anything like it in America. When you come here it’s a completely other experience than any other hairshow I’ve ever been to. The response to our workshops has been tremendous. I love these tents here, the different educational tents – I think it’s really incredible. The whole put together, the shows, everything, has been so top notch. My staff walked around and was freaked out. My crew is so inspired by being here, we absolutely have to come back.

Mark Woolley:
This is my first time doing hair in Germany and I have to say I loved it. It was a really great audience, amazing venue, great event. I’d love to come back and do it again. I work in Europe a lot and I’ve got to say, just as an event, as a happing this is really amazing. I’d heard a lot about it, I knew Sally had done it a few times before and she said good things about it and it lived up to all our expectations – a really good event. We do shows of all types and sizes, but this here is at the upper end of the show scale. But is was a great audience as well – very responsive, very passionate about hair, they’re there to absorb ideas, you can tell. And I think it’s a great concept as well. The education is very open, everyone can go there, they can see the exhibition, they can have all the education – this is done in a very fair way and people get a lot out of it.

Petra Mechurova:
My show was longer than usual, but I liked it and I think the audience did too. We did not show anything technical but in particular aroused emotions and atmosphere, which are also present in my hairdressing styles. That was my first show in Germany and compared with other events I thought the organization was perfect.

Sally Brooks:
I just love the audience. I think the audience here in Düsseldorf is fantastic. They are so passionate about what they do. It’s also a very tight venue, so you can see them. That is not always the case. At TOP HAIR you can see them, so it’s like talking to them. The fantastic thing about TOP HAIR, what everybody says is that TOP HAIR is worth seeing because you don’t have to pay to see each show. In London you have to pay to see each show. Salon International is nothing like it used to be because youngsters especially can’t afford to go. Here, you get to see talent after talent after talent over the three day period and you can’t beat this really.

I am at a German event for the first time and am delighted about it. It is really terrific - very well organized, I also think that the separation between sales and large company stands is good. Among others I saw the show by Sally Brooks and Mark Woolley and was very impressed. The audience varies from country to country, but here you can tell people recognize quality work. Even here in the back-stage area we can hear the crowd’s applause and shouts. I also really liked the Kim Wilde Show, she is still a big star. I like it very much here. I am delighted that I have the opportunity to present my work here!