Exhibitor passes, parking permits & admission vouchers

Photo collage: Exhibitor passes, parking permits & admission vouchers

Additional exhibitor passes

For details of the number of complimentary exhibitors’ passes to which you are eligible under the Conditions of Participation, please consult the admissions document. Kindly order here only those additional exhibitors’ passes that you require.

Parking permits

Parking permits can be ordered only by internet by (OOS „Online Order System“). Additionally parking permits are not valid during the assembly and dismantling phases. The shipment will be about four weeks prior to the show.

Admission voucher

Graphic: Admission voucher
  • Send pre-printed vouchers in paper form or include voucher codes in your own digital or printed advertising media. (-> Sample invitation letter, Rich-Text-Format)
  • Your customers can then redeem the entrance vouchers in the Ticket Shop, at www.top-hair-international.de/2130 and are given e-tickets which provide them with direct access to the exhibition centre.
  • For your customers, e-tickets have the benefit that they entitle each holder to free transport to and from the exhibition centre on the day of the trade fair, using VRR local transport trains, trams and buses within zone D, Southern Region (trains: standard class, limited to trains not requiring supplementary payment).
  • For yourself, it has the benefit that vouchers will only be billed to you if they have actually been used for entry to the trade fair.
  • Please note: You will not be charged for vouchers that have been redeemed but not used for entry.


Tip: Go to www.top-hair-international.de/2250 and use the dashboard / activity board to find out live and at any time who has redeemed vouchers and when.

This voucher may only be redeemed by registered trade visitors!

Paper voucher:
Languages: D/GB
Format: 210 x 99 mm
Weight: 2g
Incl. hall and stand number
Also possible with overprint of address or free text

Voucher codes:
The voucher codes will be emailed to you in a TXT file.

Price: € 32.– plus VAT

  • 1,001 – 3,000 vouchers: 10% discount
  • 3,001 – 5,000 vouchers: 15% discount
  • upwards of 5,000 vouchers: 30% discount

Online Order System

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