Our Multimedia Services

More service, more presence, more contacts

We offer you diverse advertising and communication measures – in our trade fair media and at the exhibition centre – that you can use before and during the trade fair:
  • as advertising for your company
  • to communicate your participation in the trade fair
  • as advertising material for forwarding to your customers

Make use of the diverse offers - send a signal to your customers: “We shall be there“
Design your media entry individually; it will appear in the portal www.top-hair-international.com, in the printed catalogue as well as in the KATI visitor information system and in the app.*
The product categories in particular are indispensable for visitors in terms of optimum preparation.
In this way, customers and visitors will find you before, during and after the trade fair.

* The lump-sum media fee includes the basic entry in the alphabetic list of exhibitors as well as one entry in the product categories of all 4 trade fair media.

TOP HAIR DüSSELDORF, with its various multimedia services, offers you interesting options for visitor and customer promotion. You enjoy worldwide online presence in the run-up to TOP HAIR DüSSELDORF, as well as in the catalogue and our information system (KATI) on site during the event.


Graphic: media channels - Internet
Your entries will appear in the Internet portal www.top-hair-international.com. Visitors from all over the world look for information on exhibitors and their offers before, during and after the trade fair.

Messe Düsseldorf App / TOP HAIR App

Graphic: media channels - app
With online or offline search, GoogleMaps connection and interactive hall plan is intensively used by many visitors for preparation. With your logo here you can easily catch potential customers' attention.


Graphic: media channels - catalogue
The printed catalogue is the reference work for the TOP HAIR DüSSELDORF 2018 with an extensive list of exhibitors and a list of product categories. This handy and informative media enables you to reach a high number of readers.

KATI visitor information system

Graphic: media channels - KATI visitor information system
The KATI visitor information system offers visitors detailed on-site information on all exhibitors and products at terminals and information desks.

Online Order System

Marketing Services

Graphic: download marketing services
Which services are available?
You can download a compact overview here.